Dennis Montri Eusebio was born August 5, 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand.  Son of Air Force Navigator, Major Robert M. Eusebio, who flew 241 missions in the Vietnam War, in a stealthy RF-4C Phantom II, and 178 missions in the Stinger AC 119K.  Loving mother, Yao Eusebio, who is the best senior electronics assembler and greatest chef in the world.  


Moved to San Diego, California in 1982 and raised on the streets of San Diego’s Logan Heights, now known as Barrio Logan.  Having a Catholic education through high school at St. Augustine was a strong foundation that helped shape him till today.  Self taught himself, learning, practicing, and training using an airbrush and mixed mediums creating illustrations for small clients and friends and family, for years to come.  


Attended many community colleges focusing on his love of comics, illustration, and animation, through many years of art classes, after a period of general education.  Unfortunately, during a time where there were none to small art schools around town.  Signed up for classes at Post Reality 3D School, where he soon became teacher’s aide, instructing Softimage 3D and Maya 1.  Watts Atelier was where he really refined his traditional art skills, taught by Jeff Watts and Ron Lemen.  


Entered the game industry in 2000 and refocused on bettering his skills and eyes on 3D modeling and texturing, working on top AAA games such as Sony’s GameDay and Activision-Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Black Ops series.  And, creating 3D/2D illustrations on the side for clients such as THQ, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Activision.     


Now living in sunny San Diego, California continuing to create magic, one by one...